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Members of the Montreal Canadiens (top NHL team) reduce their injury rates by 25% through adding Essentrics to their training regimen.

Members of the Montreal Canadiens (top NHL team) reduce their injury rates by 25% through adding Essentrics to their training regimen.


An Original Full-Body & Brain-Body Workout
Essentrics is also known as "Classical Stretch," the #1 fitness show on American Public Television. It is a head-to-toe, dynamic stretching workout that safely shapes and rebalances the body. Essentrics conditions not only our muscles but also the bones, joints, and fascia. This unique stretching-in-motion program rapidly creates a long, lean and strong physique with immediate changes to posture. Essentrics' simple circular movements condition our joints, while their pacing and sequencing build and strengthen connections between the body and the brain. 

Eccentric vs. Concentric Training
The name Essentrics came from the eccentric training technique, which strengthens muscles in stretched / lengthened positions. This contrasts with typical concentric technique such as lifting weights, which shortens our muscles and stiffens our joints. Essentrics stretches and tones at the same time, balancing strength and flexibility. It also builds greater force for the same energy spent, and muscles recover faster. For these reasons eccentric training has been popular among athletes, dancers, seniors, and people healing from ailments and injuries. It is also increasingly popular among people who simply desire a lean, sculpted and balanced body. 

Dynamic vs. Static Stretch 
Instead of holding poses Essentrics stretches while staying in motion. It therefore not only conditions our muscles but also lubricates our joints. In addition, the movements embody neuromuscular techniques that improve coordination as well as muscle control. Compared to static stretches, dynamic eccentric training has proven to be far more effective in boosting range of motion, agility, and reducing injuries in sports and daily life. It is therefore wonderful for both athletes and non. 

Men and women of all ages and levels can do Essentrics

Men and women of all ages and levels can do Essentrics

Safe, Easy, Effective
Essentrics is a pioneering program that avails full-body eccentric training to the public. We are only as strong as our weakest muscles, it is therefore imperative to work and balance all +650 muscles in the body. Distilled from ballet, tai chi, and physiotherapy, Essentrics movements are simple, easy to follow yet delivers immediate results. Many are surprised that instead of "no pain, no gain" it is simply about "using it or losing it" - keeping the muscles, joints and reflexes engaged by performing Essentrics with moderate intensity, or getting full toning benefits by doing it with rigor.

No need for foam roller or extra fascia work
The natural and pleasant movements in Essentrics also melt and loosen fascia, the connective tissues between muscles. Hardened fascia from lack of proper movements is a common cause for stiffness and pain. With no need for additional exercise or special tools such as foam rollers, Essentrics is a highly efficient, intelligent, and integrated program. 

Using a diverse music playlist to guide the movements, this equipment-free workout tones all +650 muscles and joints, leaving you calm yet energized, connected and healthy.  

Who is it for?
Essentrics is for men and women of all ages. Devotees include people who wish to stay fit and young, martial artists, models, chronic pain sufferers, couch potatoes, and professional dancers and athletes such as two-time world squash champion Jonathan Powers, top NHL team the Montreal Canadiens, and 2015 & 2016 figure skating World Champion Meagan Duhamel. 

Pressed for time?
Living in NYC but can't do a live class? Check out "Classical Stretch" on NYC TV Life (channel 25).


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