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"Age Reversed" & "Forever Painless" TV schedule (NYC) for July & August

The popular public TV specials based on Essentrics creator Miranda Esmonde-White's bestselling books are on! Catch them or alert your family and friends to these scientific, entertaining, yet accessible shows. In Age Reversed, Miranda explains how gentle and proper full body movements can not only stop but also reverse aging. In Forever Painless, Miranda explains how 80% of chronic pain is mechanical and can improve with gentle movements. Here is the TV schedule in the NYC area:

August 5 at 4am (Age Reversed)
August 5 at 2pm (Forever Painless)

July 18 at 7:30pm (Forever Painless)
July 23 at 3pm (Age Reversed)
July 24 at 12:30pm (Age Reversed)
July 29 at 12:30pm (Age Reversed)

WLIW21 Create
July 14 at 10:30pm (Age Reversed)

If you're outside of New York, please check your local PBS station for listing. Happy stretching!

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1:00pm 1:00pm

Discover Essentrics in Hewlett, NY

This community event is great for Essentrics novice. We'll start off with an overview of Essentrics to understand how it rebalances the body. Then we will do a full tryout to experience the benefits first hand, followed by Q&A. The pace and intensity will be easy to moderate. All ages and levels are welcome! You don't need to register, but if the crowd is big then library cardholders will have seating priority.

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Essentrics + Athleta: ENCORE!

Discover the athletic and toning benefits of Essentrics! The recent demos at Athleta were very popular and a new series of four will run through April. Online registration is required. Note that booking for this series is managed by the Athleta studio, which requires you to set up an account on the MindBody app when booking a class. If you have tech issues please call Athleta directly at (212) 929-6204. You won't need to bring mats, shoes, or equipment. Note: This is an athletic and toning class, if you prefer a gentler workout then consider Essentrics Gentle Stretch at other locations with Betty.

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