Essentrics lovers in San Diego enjoying a picnic together after a last class in the park before Betty moved back to NYC!

Essentrics lovers in San Diego enjoying a picnic together after a last class in the park before Betty moved back to NYC!


"I'm so glad that Betty introduced me to Essentrics and now I recommend it to many of my patients. It is a gentle yet powerful way to tone and strengthen my muscles and improve flexibility and balance. I get a great workout without hurting myself or feeling sore. In fact, I feel relaxed and mentally and physically energized afterward. Betty has a keen eye and tactfully guides me to do my best. And her classes are always comfortable and fun!"
- Kwi Bulow, MD

"I wasn't sure what to think about Essentrics at first glance, but after seeing the results from working with Betty I've been won over. As a martial artist, it's very important for me to be able to focus on a combination of flexibility and strength without excessive bulk, and the fluid and dynamic exercise Essentrics provides work wonders. I've gotten lower stances, smoother movements and better coordination with stronger and more flexible joints. I was never much of a gym rat and never liked yoga, so this is the perfect blend between the two - the best of both worlds!"
- Andrew Provisor, college student & martial artist

"A year ago, I attended Betty's Essentrics demo class.  Although the complete body workout looked challenging, especially for a sedentary senior, I was intrigued.  I tried a series of classes with Betty.  I noticed my stamina increased, my balance improved and after each session, I felt more fluid and limber.  I always felt better the next joint aches or pains.  

It was Betty and her teaching style which kept me attending her Essentrics classes this past year.  Her knowledge of the body is extensive and her joy in sharing this knowledge is motivating.  Betty is finely tuned to her clients, making sure everyone is working to the fullest potential, carefully and safely.

I always left Betty's class feeling stronger and more energetic, more informed about my body and yes, happier.  Happier, because along with her attention to detail, laser like focus on just the right movements, she has a twinkle in her eye and a lovely sense of humor.  I miss my Essentrics class with Betty!"
- Eve N., September, 2016

"I came to my first Essentrics class with Betty knowing very little about the modality. Thinking it is similar to yoga which I had been practicing for over a decade, I was surprised to find that Essentrics is a much more dynamic routine. I always left class feeling like I had a good full-body workout, but at the same time my muscles and joints felt more relaxed and reinvigorated. Essentrics has been a great complement to my weight training routine which I do five times a week. 

Betty is an amazing instructor who is meticulous about proper form and precise in her explanation of the movements. You can tell that she puts a lot of effort and thought into her class preparation. She also offers great tips of simple stretches that we could do at home or office to relax our upper and lower body. I have learned a great deal from Betty about proper posture and stretching. I highly recommend Essentrics classes with Betty because it is rare to find an instructor with her depth of knowledge about the subject and so helpful and nice at the same time."
- Tom K., scientist & fitness enthusiast

"From my first class, I was hooked on Essentrics.  I liked the philosophy behind the exercises, of dynamic rather than static stretching, the fact that in every class I got a full body workout, and the idea of lengthening and strengthening.

I feel fortunate to have had Betty as an instructor.  She is incredibly knowledgable about the bodies’ anatomy, and in every class she mindfully explains the proper form and body alignment in doing the exercises.  She also details the impact and the benefits of each movement.  Always careful to encourage everyone in class to listen to the body, she reminds us to stop and “shake out” if our muscles protest too much. Betty also has a great sense of humor.  She is an amazing instructor, I hope she will continue to teach, and that Essentrics will become more widespread."
- Joani Nelson, retiree & fearless Lemon Napper

"For many years, my primary exercise was swimming. I felt it was a good exercise program for me: good for endurance, upper body and core strength - with low joint stress. When I started martial arts training I quickly learned that I was lacking lower leg strength (feet, ankles, calves) and that was limiting my ability to balance as well as I need to be effective in martial arts. Not long after I started martial arts, I was introduced to Betty and had an opportunity to take a trial Essentrics class from her. That class showed me a way to fill a void I did not realize I had. There are many parts of an Essentrics work-out that work the muscles I needed to strengthen as well as stimulate the balance reflex. I soon discovered other benefits from the full body dynamic stretching that is part of Essentrics. It helped relieve a chronic strain I had in my lower right side lateral muscles that kept being aggravated from swimming. I have always been health and conscious and athletic. Essentrics helped fill gaps in my training by improving flexibility and strength where I needed it. Thanks Betty!
- Terry Albert, engineer, swimmer & martial artist