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Aging Backwards: Fast Track - Miranda's PBS pledge special

Do you know that Miranda has a new book "Aging Backwards: Fast Track"? She talks about the new findings in her new PBS special. Catch it this month! Things I like about her new book:
1. Detailed, simple workouts for "Beginner beginners" and "Active Adults" respectively 
2. Each workout covers ten days, with three routines to complete in a month to get results 
3. Simple, effective worksheets to know your body before you begin the program
4. Quick forms to track your movement progress and results
We all have different starting points. The point is to GET STARTED! Catching the PBS special count as a good start.  😃

P.S. The schedule below is for NYC only, check your area's PBS stations for local listings.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 10.09.35 PM.png