I grew up thinking that life is a linear process: you finish school, find a job, meet someone, settle down, raise a family, retire, and pass away. My life was following that course until one day, in my thirties, the path turned crooked. After collecting scholarships, credentials and designations I settled down but began accumulating pains and ailments. It started with digestive issues but gradually multiplied into skin problems and musculoskeletal pains. Living in New York at the time, I met with top specialists and exhausted all the diet regimens plus healing modalities. Yet they could at best only contain my conditions.

After many twists and turns I decided to take a sabbatical in California. Although I finally felt better my body remained weak. I wished to resume physical exercise - I’d been active all my life, skiing, playing tennis and squash, doing yoga, tai chi and Pilates, and hiking around the world. In my compromised state, however, none of these enticed me. I wanted movements instead of holding contorted poses. I wanted energy without having to bounce around and impact my joints. I needed something that would stretch my whole body yet deliver quick strengthening results. I needed a program that would allow me to control the intensity, working gently or rigorously. All of the things I had done before felt lacking in one element or another.

By chance I discovered “Classical Stretch” / Essentrics on public television. The first time I did the half-hour workout I felt taller and looser after and became instantly hooked. In the beginning I could only do it three times a week, yet the program strengthened me so quickly that within three months I found myself doing it everyday. To my delight I actually grew half an inch taller by the end of the third month. My friends also noticed the changes, especially the glow on my face.

“You should teach Essentrics!”

It was a novel idea, but why not? I thoroughly enjoy Essentrics and I am happy to spread it. Teaching it represents a new direction for me, but it opens up an interesting curvilinear path. It connects me with many people who inspire me with fascinating stories. The more I delve into Essentrics, the younger and stronger I feel, and the more I admire the technique and the thinking behind it. My exposure to tai chi and physiotherapy gives me a unique perspective to appreciate and convey the elegance, simplicity and effectiveness of the program. 

I hope you’ll check out “Classical Stretch” or come try doing Essentrics with me. Like many before you, you’ll feel wonderful and want more of it.