"Betty is the instructor for the intelligent and discerning."
- Miranda Esmonde-White, Essentrics co-creator, June 2018

A happy you starts with a balanced body. Betty helps you achieve this by inspiring and guiding you to move with a purpose, to explore and understand how your body works, and to feel and function at your best at any age. 

Through balancing weak and strong muscles, you will unlock tight or even painful joints to enjoy a greater range of motion. You will move with greater speed and power, and your body will become stronger and more flexible at the same time. Your balance as well as your posture will improve, while your brain-body connection will get enhanced. Are you looking to tone and slenderize your physique? To relieve pain and stiffness? Or to improve your athletic performance? Regardless of your goal, you will enjoy the fun and motivating workouts with Betty. 


Essentrics is also known as "Classical Stretch" on American Public Television. It is a pioneering anti-aging workout, one that strengthens and lengthens from head to toe through continuous, rotational movements. Unlike many methods that focus on only muscles and bones, Essentrics also conditions our joints and fascia (connective tissues). Distilled from Tai Chi, ballet, and physiotherapy but far more accessible with quick, visible results, Essentrics leaves you toned, pain-free, balanced, and energized. Great for men and women of all ages and all levels.


Is Essentrics a type of yoga? No. Essentrics draws from Tai Chi, ballet, and physiotherapy and has nothing to do with yoga. Essentrics is about movements, not poses.

Is Essentrics a type of barre workout? Some Essentrics routines have barre/chair work. Unlike many barre workouts, however, Essentrics does not use external weights and concentric movements which shorten muscles. (Example: lifting dumbbells.) Instead, it uses the ballet and Tai Chi techniques of eccentric lengthening and strengthening, utilizing our own body weight. This eccentric technique soothes and conditions our joints while sculpting lean, toned muscles. 

Who can do Essentrics? The workout is for men and women of all ages and levels, whether you are a couch potato, weekend warrior, or professional athlete. You can also do it if you are pregnant or recovering from a surgery or illness, as long as you have doctor's approval to exercise.


"I'm so glad that Betty introduced me to Essentrics and now I recommend it to many of my patients." - Kwi Bulow, MD and Area Medical Director, US HealthWorks

"I was surprised to find that Essentrics is a much more dynamic routine (than yoga). Essentrics has been a great complement to my weight training routine which I do five times a week...It is rare to find an instructor with her depth of knowledge."- Tom K., Ph.D, scientist  & fitness enthusiast

"From my first class, I was hooked on Essentrics... Betty is an amazing instructor." - Joani Nelson, philanthropist, aka "fearless Lemon Napper"

"I was never much of a gym rat and never liked yoga... this is the perfect blend between the two - the best of both worlds!" - Andrew Provisor, college student & martial artist

"Although the complete body workout looked challenging, especially for a sedentary senior...I always felt better the next day...no joint aches or pains. I miss my Essentrics class with Betty!" - Eve N., retiree

"Essentrics helps fill gaps in my training by improving flexibility and strength where I need it. Thanks Betty!" - Terry Albert, engineer, swimmer & martial artist


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